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Actor's Master Key Coaching

About the Class:
Seventy percent of every performance and audition is defined by who you are, and who you are is a result of the habits you keep. The Actor’s Master Key is a comprehensive course, that Coach TIM DILLARD  will lays the groundwork for in order to be a happier & healthier actor who effortlessly exists in the moment and can navigate the topsy turvy nature of this crazy business of show.  


By developing a consistent meditation practice and slowly implementing exercises engineered to increase your imagination, concentration and ability to visualize the life & career you desire you’ll become motivated to take all the actions necessary to make the career you desire a reality. The exercises in The Actor’s Master Key were derived from Charle’s Haanel’s classic self empowerment text, ‘The Master Key System’ then refined with contemporary lessons from Productivity Experts and NLP Practitioners, but tailored to sensibilities of Actors & Artists. 


It’s about getting more out of the journey, so we can better appreciate the many destinations. 

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