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About the Class


Bren has been a dedicated speech coach for over two decades. In that time she has developed a practical coaching methodology which uniquely combines her  communication education and experience as a Learning & Development Manager with her training as a professional actor to fully bring out the ‘inner public speaker’ in people of all ages.


Our modern, international world is spinning fast. Mobile phone, email and rushed school and business lives have altered communication quite radically. This is why Bren believes the importance of finding and nurturing your natural, real voice is more important than ever. With her Public Speaking course, Bren has designed a program to introduce participants to an array of practical tools and techniques that can be simply applied in a variety of school situations and life environments.


Her sessions are private, one to one lessons and on the first day, the student will experience fun, improvisational public speaking activities in which an “assessment” of their skill levels will be made. Bren will be able to see where the student is with their comfort levels of public speaking, diction, creative thinking and writing. This first day is crucial for Bren to map out a journey for the participants going forward. 


On day two, the lessons begin. The student is now matched to the level that is appropriate for them to achieve the highest level of success. Unlike other public speaking programs which teach a generic public speaking format, Bren recognizes that everyone one is different and every speaker has different issues to address and solve. She does not typically prescribe text books to learn the art of public speaking however, there is one she highly recommends, Glencoe Speech by Randall McCutcheon. 


Her model is 'Learn, Prepare, Practice, Confidence, Win'. During her course, students will:


  • Learn how to construct, research and compose a well written speech

  • Think creatively

  • Problem solve

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Build Confidence 


This is a student tailored program that uses a series of high impact and high-energy activities together with personal insight to dramatically improve a student’s ability to speak, impress and succeed.

Whether you’re a parent racing from the football field to the boardroom or a child playing the latest version of Fortnight, everyone needs to find the power of their own thought and speak it out loud with articulation, poise and care.

 * Private Speech Coaching Available - Contact Bren at C.M. Studio: (617) 768-7860



CONGRATS to C.M. Studio's Students competing in theNATIONAL SPEECH & DEBATE TOURNAMENT (NSDA)

2022 Sachin Shetty (Junior) Philips Exeter Academy

  • Semi Finalist at Nationals - 14th in the Nation in Original Oritory

  • First Place at NSDA QUALIFIERS in Original Oratory

    • Nationals in Kentucky, June 2022 - Results TBA

2021 Sachin Shetty (Sophomore) Philips Exeter Academy

  • First Place at CATHOLIC NATIONAL QUALIFIERS in Original Oratory

    • Broke to Octofinals at Nationals

  • First Place at NSDA QUALIFIERS Original Oratory​​

2017-2018 Middle School 

  • Ayur Vallecha, 5th at Nationals in Original Oratory, Pike School

  • Sachin Shetty, 7th at Nationals in Original Oratory, Milton Academy



  • Declamation (Dec): A student presents a speech previously delivered in public. To master the skills of presentation. 

  • Dramatic Interp.(DP in Middle School):  A student performs one or multiple characters drawn from play cuttings. 

  • Duo: Two students block and then perform scenes from various forms of literature. 

  • Extemporaneous Speaking (Extemp - High School ONLY): After 30 minutes of preparation, a student answers questions on Domestic and International topics. 

  • Humorous Interp. (HP in Middle School) A student performs one or multiple characters drawn from play cuttings.

  • Impromptu: A student learns how to think on her feet while speaking “off the cuff” on everything from familiar quotations to philosophy.  An excellent entry topic to Extemp.

  • Informative Expository speaking on a topic of the student’s choosing. 

  • Original Oratory (OO): A memorized, persuasive speech that teaches a student how to present ideas in a clear and meaningful way on a topic of the student’s choosing.    

  • Prose/Poetry: The student interprets and performs multiple works of High School the event is called Programmed Oral Interpretation (POI)    

  • Storytelling: A student retells a single story drawn from anecdotes, legends, myths, etc. No notes.      

 * Private Speech Coaching Available - Contact Bren at C.M. Studio: (617) 768-7860


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