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Debbie Simon

Special Guest Coach

One of most acclaimed speech coaches in America, the Massachusetts Speech and Debate League voted her into the Coaches’ Hall of Fame. The National Speech and Debate Association voted her into its Hall of Fame. Two years ago, the NSDA chose her as Middle School Coach of the Year. And just last year, the Speech Communication Association of America chose Debbie as Co-Teacher of the Year. As a coach of the Milton Academy's Upper School and Middle School speech teams for 37 years, Debbie guided individual students to local, state, district and national championships.

Debbie’s versatility as a teacher is legend, too. For 37 years, she taught “Growing Up Female” to hundreds of Class IV girls, the last vestige of the history of Milton as two schools. Debbie has directed over 50 plays at Milton, in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. Debbie has been in the NSDA Hall of Fame since 1988.

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