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More About Randy

Have you found yourself reluctant to speak because you might mumble or stumble? Maybe you just feel uncomfortable thinking and speaking on your feet. You don’t want others to echo Homer Simpson: “It’s funny because it isn’t happening to me.”


In an attempt to reduce such needless chuckling, I have been teaching communication skills for over 40 years. Before that I worked in radio and television for nearly ten years. My experiences ranged from Director of News and Public Affairs on KFMQ in Lincoln (NE) to a movie reviewer on Cable.


As a former State Teacher of the Year, I had the opportunity to mentor many other teachers. The Defense Department sent me to their schools all over the world. More than a dozen states invited me to their teacher conventions to conduct workshops on Public Speaking.


Offers outside of education followed. For example, I assisted a law professor prepare and present a keynote address for an ABA national convention. Sandia Labs brought me in as a communication consultant for their radio station. 


In short, my life has been dedicated to the teaching of communication skills.

Mark Twain said that education is not nearly as sudden as a massacre, but in the long run was more deadly. Twain’s cynicism notwithstanding, we all want to be the ones who survive the massacre.


By skype or in person, I will fight for you.

Because communication matters.

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