2017-2018 NATIONAL Middle School SPEECH (NSDA) RESULTS

CONGRATS to C.M. Studio's Students!

  • Ayur Vallecha, Finalist (Pike School) 5th in Original Oratory

  • Sachin Shetty, Semi-finalist (Milton Academy) 7th in Original Oratory

 The Greater Boston Speech Alliance: 

Summer, 2019

Boston, Massachusetts

Join some of the best speech coaches in the nation and experience one of the most inspiring, informative, intriguing, effective and sincere 

speech forums in the country:



August 3rd - August 17th: Boston, MA

* Open to Middle & High School Students Interested in Speech Team *

Spaces Limited: Book Now!

Love Speech Team? Want to find or write your material? Take the pressure off finding pieces when entering the new school year? Hone your speech skills and prepare for a successful new year on the speech circuit this summer with some of the Nation’s finest speech coaches at Alliance!


The Alliance offers:

  • Group Sessions on the techniques in Public Speaking 

  • Classes in Acting & Improvisation

  • Individual and group coaching

  • Material found/ and or written, cut and coached for the 2019-2020 season


When: Saturday, August 3rd - Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Where: Cristo Rey High School, Dorchester, MA  (off the Red line)

Time: 9.30am- 6pm (doors open at 8.30am)


For: 6th, 7th, 8th 9th+ Grades


REGISTER TODAY: To register, please email info@communicationmattersstudio.com


Fee:  $1,600


Contact:Feel free to contact us via e-mail at info@communicationmattersstudio.com or call Bren @ 617-768-7860 for further information, or to follow up with your application process.

The Geoffrey Abbott Speech Scholarship:

Each summer one Target Speech Alliance Student will be honored with a full scholarship in the name of Geoffrey Abbott (details to come) 

To apply, please send the required essay application to Bren at info@communicationmattersstudio.com. Details on how to apply can be found here.

 The Alliance Speech Coaches

Director & Senior Speech Coach

 Advisor & Senior Speech Coach

Senior Speech Coach

Guest Speech Coach

Catagories Coached

  • Declamation (Dec): A student presents a speech previously delivered in public. To master the skills of presentation. 

  • Dramatic Interp.(DP in Middle School):  A student performs one or multiple characters drawn from play cuttings. 

  • Duo: Two students block and then perform scenes from various forms of literature. 

  • Extemporaneous Speaking (Extemp - High School ONLY): After 30 minutes of preparation, a student answers questions on Domestic and International topics. 

  • Humorous Interp. (HP in Middle School) A student performs one or multiple characters drawn from play cuttings.

  • Impromptu: A student learns how to think on her feet while speaking “off the cuff” on everything from familiar quotations to philosophy.  An excellent entry topic to Extemp.

  • Informative:  Expository speaking on a topic of the student’s choosing. 

  • Original Oratory (OO): A memorized, persuasive speech that teaches a student how to present ideas in a clear and meaningful way on a topic of the student’s choosing.    

  • Prose/Poetry: The student interprets and performs multiple works of literature...in High School the event is called Programmed Oral Interpretation (POI)    

  • Storytelling: A student retells a single story drawn from anecdotes, legends, myths, etc. No notes.      

 * Private Speech Coaching Available - Contact Bren at C.M. Studio: (617) 768-7860

T: 1 (617) 768-7860

A: Cambridge, MA & Charlestown, MA, USA

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