2017-2018 NATIONAL Middle School SPEECH (NSDA) RESULTS

CONGRATS to C.M. Studio's Students!

  • Ayur Vallecha, Finalist (Pike School) 5th in Original Oratory

  • Sachin Shetty, Semi-finalist (Milton Academy) 7th in Original Oratory

Catagories Coached

  • Declamation (Dec): A student presents a speech previously delivered in public. To master the skills of presentation. 

  • Dramatic Interp.(DP in Middle School):  A student performs one or multiple characters drawn from play cuttings. 

  • Duo: Two students block and then perform scenes from various forms of literature. 

  • Extemporaneous Speaking (Extemp - High School ONLY): After 30 minutes of preparation, a student answers questions on Domestic and International topics. 

  • Humorous Interp. (HP in Middle School) A student performs one or multiple characters drawn from play cuttings.

  • Impromptu: A student learns how to think on her feet while speaking “off the cuff” on everything from familiar quotations to philosophy.  An excellent entry topic to Extemp.

  • Informative:  Expository speaking on a topic of the student’s choosing. 

  • Original Oratory (OO): A memorized, persuasive speech that teaches a student how to present ideas in a clear and meaningful way on a topic of the student’s choosing.    

  • Prose/Poetry: The student interprets and performs multiple works of literature...in High School the event is called Programmed Oral Interpretation (POI)    

  • Storytelling: A student retells a single story drawn from anecdotes, legends, myths, etc. No notes.      

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