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Christine P.

Acting/College Prep., 2023

Bren is a true professional with a positive attitude. She gives honest feedback and real support. Her enthusiasm for her craft shows in everything that she does and she knows the acting business well. She ensures that her students not only act, communicate, or present well, but that they understand the business side of their chosen profession as well. Highly recommend working with her.

Lior V.

Interview Skills, 2023

"Bren is a remarkable teacher who has had a transformative impact on my journey to enhance my presentation capabilities and self-confidence. She radiates confidence and instills that same sense of self-assurance in her students. 

One of Bren's standout characteristics is her commitment to providing candid feedback and unwavering support. She never sugarcoats her critiques, and her honest insights have been instrumental in my personal growth. The knowledge that she genuinely has my back, offering encouragement and guidance throughout the learning process, has been a priceless gift.

Bren's passion for her craft is evident in everything she does. Her enthusiasm is not just motivating but genuinely infectious, making every lesson engaging and enjoyable. Her teaching style goes beyond being educational; it's downright entertaining.

I wholeheartedly recommend Bren to anyone seeking to elevate their presentation skills and self-confidence. She's not only an exceptional teacher but also a remarkable individual with a fantastic personality!

Claire B.

Acting, 2023

Having Bren as my acting coach was the best descision that I have made in pursuing drama. She has not only given me the resources that I need to start in the acting world, but has taught me invaluable lessons regarding the industry. Her teaching style is more than effective- it is inspiring. Over the course of my lessons, she has provided the perfect balance of universal acting techniques, oppurtunities for personal improvement, tools for a successful start in the acting business, and opportunities. Bren is not only a smart and talented coach, but a friend- she cares about you as a student and as a person, and goes above and beyond in showing it. Even when I was done with her classes, Bren stayed to guarentee another door will be open for me (that being BUSTI, the Boston University summer theater program). I cannot thank her enough for everthing that she has done for me, and I only hope that more people in the future will have the pleasure of working with her.

Matt S.

Voice Over, 2023

Bren is a wonderful teacher who has instilled in me the confidence to take my voice talents to the next level. I learned so much valuable knowledge that will serve me well as I pursue a career in voice acting.
I highly recommend Bren's services for anyone looking to explore the voice over field.

Chris E.

Voice Over Student, 2022

"Bren was such a pleasure to work with, through and through!!  She guided me from no voice work ever to my very first voice demo recording in-studio. 1.) She introduced me to, and taught me about, the VO world. 2.) She challenged me to get into my courage zone and helped me unlock a ton of potential she recognized right away. 3.) She held me accountable and made sure I was prepared for the work. She will NOT put you in a position to fail, and not once did I doubt her or her faith in me, nor her abilities to help me sound awesome! 4.) She provided honest, authentic feedback. She was not afraid to let me know if it didnt seem like I was practicing, if I was holding back or could do it better, if I needed encouragement etc. She was also cognizant about checking in with me during sessions if she noticed I seemed stressed or distracted. This was an appreciated touch, as she recognizes importance of self-care (as a therapist I can tell you this is rare). Bren had my back the whole way through the process. 5.) She was a wonderful advocate for someone as green as I was/am, and as a result of our work I have so much more confidence in my abilities as a voice actor. I highly recommend Bren for anyone who is interested in unlocking their potential as a VO actor. I initially approached it with wanting to just dip my toe in, feeling uncertain and untested. After working with Bren I wanted to cannonball in!

Dianne L.

Voice Over Student, 2022

"Bren is honest, patient, and took me from knowing nothing about being a VO artist to feeling like my dreams are within my reach. She helped draw me out of my shell. There is no doubt she is good at what she does, and she is generous with her knowledge. I would highly recommend her and I'll definitely be going back for more!"

Nicole R.

Voice Over Student, 2022

"Bren is an incredible coach!! I am so grateful to have learned from such a talented actress.  She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made it so much fun! I would highly recommend Bren to any aspiring voice actors."

Amelie K. 

Acting Student, 2021

"Bren has been teaching me for two years. I love her classes. She is always patient and describes and explains what I need to do perfectly.  She's honest too, so I know when I am doing something wrong and how to improve. Not only that she has helped me understand exactly what I need to do to pursue acting as a career.  She knows so much and I definitely recommend her."

Sergio A. 

Accent Reduction Student, 2021

"As a non-native english speaker, Bren has been an amazing coach that has helped me to increase my capabilities to communicate better having a real impact in my life and professional career. Her unique and multidisciplinar background is a catalyst to get the most from all student no matter the profile."

Lorna B. 

Acting, 2021

"My daughter has been going to Bren for the last two years. Bren is a brilliant acting teacher. Her expertise, experience, teaching ability, patience and willingness to help my daughter in every aspect has helped my daughter's confidence and talents grow and made her more excited about acting than she was at the beginning, which I didn't think possible."

Anne S. 

Public Speaking Student, 2020

"I sought Bren to improve my public speaking and as a result improved in many ways. i grew in confidence and poise, two essential characteristics needed to put an audience at ease. I learned how to gesture and use the stage. After practicing with her, now I project my voice clearly. While working with Bren, my ability  to memorize text and write original material improved.

Bren's expertise and talent are immense. In additional to communication skills, she helped me make two powerpoint presentations. The process was stress free and fun. The end result met my goals for work.

Reliable, insightful and caring, these traits in Bren led me to find my voice and made me grateful that she is my teacher. I highly recommend Bren for professional or personal development."

Brandon B.

Voice Over Student, 2020

"When I started searching for voice over coaches in Boston, Bren's name quickly came up as the leading coach. After working with Bren for several months, I can confirm that she is excellent. She excels at both helping actors find voices that they never knew they had, as well as building confidence in their abilities.
In addition to the above, as soon as I finished recording my demo with Bren's help she held a session offering advice on advancing my voice over career and auditioning, and within a week I had my first audition. Voice over requires a lot of individual determination and effort, but I can't recommend Bren enough for helping guide an aspiring actor on their way."

Carla P. 

Voice Over Student, 2020

"I have been learning from Bren for the month and a half and my experience has been nothing but positive. Due to the current circumstances we did most of our sessions virtually, but Bren made sure that did not interfere with the quality of the lessons.
I have no background or experience with voice overs, but Bren has made me feel comfortable and confident that I can do it. She is very straight forward with constructive criticism, which I love because it has really helped me grow in this experience.
She is easy to contact and makes sure you are well prepared for your demo, which I really appreciated due my nervousness.
I especially had fun with our vocal exercises. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone that is thinking about doing this. Thank you Bren!! I am so lucky to have found you!

Sophia K.

Accent Reduction Student, 2020

"Bren is the best English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction teacher. My improvements were noticeable quickly and to this day. Under her teaching and guidance, I have improved my English diction a lot and most importantly she helped me to gain confidence in speaking English. I was impressed with Bren's intuitive and highly professional approach. She is very experienced, thoughtful and patient; always providing the right supporting material to help me improve my pronunciation and reduce my accent. What's more important though that Bren makes the classes enjoyable with her input, perspective and interesting learning materials. On top of that, Bren is an amazing person and her lessons were the happiest time for me during my busy and hectic week. I can highly recommend her lessons, the entire experience is well worth every minute."

Jenn B. 

Voice Over Student, 2020

“I found Bren's coaching services through Thumbtack and she was very responsive. During our first conversation, she laid out my plan step-by-step should I decide to be under her tutelage. The deciding factor for me was her honesty. She made it clear that she would let me know if I had the potential to be a voice actor, and if I didn't, that we would have a conversation about me pursuing other career avenues.
From selecting material for my demo, rehearsing, being with me during my demo recording, and putting me in touch with a photographer to take my headshots, she has been a guiding force throughout my voice acting journey. I am happy to say that Bren is not only my voice acting coach, but also a mentor to me. I would happily recommend her to anyone in the greater Boston area looking for a voice coach.”

Kyle D. 

Voice Over Student, 2017

“Bren is a very kind person who will tell you if you can do something or not. Training with her is good because she gives immediate feedback, telling you what you need to do to improve, as well as letting you know what you're already proficient in. She has knowledge of the acting industry, and what you need to do to work in it, as well as connections to get you what you need (demo reels and tapes, etc.) Her prices are very reasonable for what you get. She is friendly, but no nonsense when it comes to working. I enjoyed our sessions and would go back in the future.”

Chandler L. 

Accent Reduction Student, 2019

“Bren helped me be on the right track. She lets me realize it's easy to focus on the weak spot in accent so that I can practice them accordingly.
She is also very patient and try to correct me each time when I pronounce something wrong.
Highly recommended for anyone like me wants to speak English freely.”

Zach V. 

Voice Over Student, 2019

“Bren worked with me over a number of months coaching many of my bad habits out of my work, and gearing me up for the next step in my Voice Over career. She is great at showing you the progress you're making, and instilling confidence in your own talents. She is a pleasure to work with and has expert advice that is presented in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend Bren for VO coaching, and look forward to the career she has prepared me for.”

Marco G. 

Voice Over Student, 2019

“I came across Bren's coaching services, once I finally decided to take my interest in voice-over to the next level. After our first session, I knew I had made the right decision.
Throughout our one-on-one sessions, Bren help me work on a series of bad habits, that are often frowned upon in the industry (many will think they have the perfect voice suited for this world, but there are still things that only someone with Bren's level of experience, can guide you on). Aside from just offering constructive criticism (Bren has a fun, no-nonsense approach to this, without it ever coming off as demeaning), she was able to help me channel a variety of vocal strengths/abilities that I didn't even know I had. And as someone just getting their feet wet in the field, that served as a huge confidence booster.
Long story short --- if you're entertaining the thought of pursuing a career in voice-over acting, don't attempt this on your own and instead, hire Bren, as you'll get your money's worth and WILL NOT leave disappointed. Being successful in the voice-over world certainly requires a very aggressive, DIY approach to some degree, but Bren will see to it that you have the confidence, insight, and overall skill set to make this path all the less daunting.”

Takeshi U. 

Accent Neutralization Student, 2017

“If your confidence has been lost when you are speaking English because of your pronunciation, I strongly recommend you meet Bren McElroy. She is a very experienced teacher: In her lessons, she coaches you how use tongue, lips,teeth, and air to pronounce correctly. It is very practical, so I could recognize my progress quickly; in just the first 15 minutes, she identified my pronunciation weak points and effectively guided me through an efficient process to overcome my pronunciation difficulties. Bren is enthusiastic and she encourages me which helps my confidence when speaking English. Every lesson is fun!”

Jandira F.

Acting Student, 2016

Working with Bren was a new and an amazing experiment. Before I met her I was a little clueless on what is was that I needed to work on and how I can improve my performing skills. I first went to Bren with a feeling of confusion and was lost on what my next step should be, and over the summer when I took serval private coach classes with her I started to grow as an actress and leaning what it was that I needed to improve. Bren has taught me so much about not only in performing but also in the acting business and it's thanks to her that I now have the a clear mind on what is it that I need to do to continue on growing. I highly recommend working with Bren for any teens/ or adults who feel as though they need someone to help them out and give them knowledge on growing with their skills and taking it farther, and I definitely know she is a great coach to work with.

Eva B.

Acting Student, 2017

"I came to Bren because I wanted to work on some new monologues and prepare for graduate school auditions. Bren was so generous with her resources, helping me find the right pieces for me, and helping shape them into pieces that showed my skill and personal style. After I chose the right monologues, I continued working with Bren for a few months to prepare for grad school. She was such a source of support, helping me believe in myself and my artistry, and giving me valuable insight into the world of professional acting and graduate programs. If you're looking to prepare for the next stage of your acting career, or are looking for help with any public speaking or presentation skills, I highly recommend Bren for her experience, her insight, and her generosity of spirit.

Matthew B.

Voice Over Student, 2017

“It's been a pleasure working with the studio. Bren understood exactly what I was looking for help with, and getting to my end goal was a smooth collaboration.”


ESL Student, 2016

'Bren is very responsible. I took her accent reduction class - it was very helpful. She taught me lots of very useful and effective skills to pronounce Standard American English. My pronunciation got a lot better than because she helped me analyze my accent and told me where and how I can improve. 

If you want to speak English well and make other people understand you. I definitely recommend everyone go to Bren and ask for help. Thank you Bren!"

Ashlee B.

Acting Student, 2016

"100000% million star rating
What can I say about Bren! Such an amazing person it seems impossible.
She's an incredible teacher that not only is genuinely caring about your well being, but who is also extremely honest; which I believe many teachers tend to lack nowadays. She'll teach you not only what you'd like to learn, but also more than that, along with what would also benefit you in the long run. She boosts your confidence and makes sure you're comfortable with where you are in the lesson to continue.  Bren is very clear and doesn't hesitate to go at the pace you need. She's personal and professional in a perfect blend. I couldn't have been more fortunate to come across and have the pleasure of working with Bren. She's one of the best people to meet in this field of work, and everyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher or coach."

Kourtney Kennedy

Director of Forensics Debate and IE Forum, San Diego, California - Former Colleague

“Bren’s versatility speaks volumes: she is extremely talented in all areas of Speech.”

Bob J.
Voice Over Student,2017
"Bren did a great job of taking a raw talent and helping mold it into a workable, professional voice. She knew when to push, and when to direct with confidence. I am very pleased with her overall training and attention to keeping me on the right road to a long career."

Marcelo C.

 Accent Neutralization Student, 2016

“Bren is an excellent teacher, she knows a lot and it is very pasionate and motivated!!! 100% recommended”

Laurianne B.
Acting Student,2016
"We worked on my monologues. Bren was professional and extremely helpful. She is easy to work with and brings expertise and compassion to the coaching sessions. I left feeling that I’d accomplished what I wanted and also got tools to help me in my career.”

Eric N. 

Public Speaking Student, 2016

“Superb teacher! Talented and very supportive.”

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